Verona: the city of Love

There is no world without Verona walls

Welcome to Verona, known in the past as Urbs Picta, now called the city of Love thanks to the supreme Shakespeare. Let's discover together all that it offers to our travelers.

Just 800 meters from our front door you can reach the first historical-architectural core of the city: the monastic complex of San Zeno. A must is a visit to the Basilica, which preserves inside the charming Saint, and the tower, place the abbot used for hospitality of famous people.

Continuing on the picturesque square, which hosts the local market every Friday and every first Sunday of the month a large antiques market, you can stop in one of the many local and multiethnic places. The hard choice is between those who offer traditional cuisine or those who make true ethnic cuisine.

Castel Vecchio, Arena and Piazza Erbe

In good weather, do not miss a good ice-cream, strolling through the San Zeno regas along the river Adige, on the left, Palazzo del Bene and other examples of late-Gothic architecture on the right. Transported by the noise of the water you will find yourself in front of the spectacle of Castel Vecchio, home of the Renaissance family of the Scaligeri. From there you can continue straight to the Arena, or turn left into the ancient Via Postumia which emerges into Piazza Erbe, home to the ancient homes of the Montecchi and Capuleti families.

Returning to the Ghelli Santuliana house walls, you have the opportunity to discover Borgo Milano. Born in the first century A.D. as a district of passage to facilitate the movement of the Roman troops, it is crossed by the famous course that leads directly to Lake Garda, to the west, between the vineyards of Valpolicella, to the north.

Itineraries on two wheels and much more

For lovers of the open air, from our hotel in Verona You can reach of the famous cycle paths Peschiera - Borghetto, Mincio -  Mantua or Garda - Riva del Garda - Torbole (more than 140 km of bike lane). Ask our staff to discover all the itineraries and many other typical places.