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Congress center in Verona at the Hotel San Marco

The Santuliana Congress Center, at the Hotel San Marco, built without structural barriers, brings together 11 rooms and can receive up to 400 people. The rooms are all equipped with the latest technological comforts and illuminated by large windows that guarantee the irradiation of natural light.

Let yourself be guided in choosing the space that best suits your needs.

Marietta Hall 4,5 x 14 meters - 63 sq. m

Honorably taking the name from the family's forefather, Sala Marietta is the first and historic hall of Hotel San Marco: 63 square meters naturally lit in the front and rear areas overlooking the internal garden. Maximum capacity of 60 pax, possibility of division in the middle of the room, thanks to the system with movable walls, fiber optic internet connection, wired and Wi-Fi with 5.3 GHz Microtik devices and download speeds of 200 Mb / s.

Optoma projector with VGA and HDMI 1080p output, electrically withdrawable screen with size 190x250 cm, passive audio system with speaker and TOA amplifier with AUX audio output for all the most modern devices and XLR input for microphone connection at VHF frequencies.

Ida & Emma Halls: 6 modules 5 x 11 meters - 55 sq. m each, 165+165 (+30 sq. m corridor) total sq. m

Ida Hall and Emma Hall are the two halls that make up our congress center: 165 square meters each (which become 195 including the central corridor) that can be divided into 3 modules of 20 pax each in the theater. Each module is equipped with an Optoma projector with VGA and HDMI 1280x800p output and its 200x200 cm screen, fiber optic internet connection with Microtik devices capable of supporting more than 2 devices per person, audio system with bi-amplified active speaker FBT MAXX 2A from 250 Watt each.

If your needs require Ida or Emma Hall, they are equipped with a 350x220 cm large screen to project the Optoma high performance machine with its HDMI 1080p and VGA outputs, for a maximum capacity of 100 pax. With 3 division modes, our rooms are at your disposal for any type of event. Thanks to the use of thick mobile walls on rails placed in the false ceiling and sound-absorbing wooden doors for the entrances to the modules, you will have the maximum privacy and concentration for your meetings, also in concomitance of two or more events. Equipped with air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, natural light during the day and LED spotlights in the evening.

Santuliana Hall 24 x 15 meters - 330 sq. m

For conferences up to 400 people, Ida & Emma open doors (and walls) to become a huge congress space: Sala Santuliana. The plenary room is presented in all its majesty with two screens and two projectors on the ceiling, audio system in its most complete form, technical services equal to the previous rooms and various configuration modes: theater, horseshoe, school desks, etc. .

Sala Santuliana, as well as Ida & Emma, rely on an audio system managed entirely by Yamaha GA 32/12 console, a mixer with 32 input channels and 12 (or more optional) output, which controls all speakers and microphones that can be connected: fixed configuration, ice cream, headband, stage microphones, instruments for amplification, etc. Hotel San Marco also offers a small space of visual and technical management for every need: a control room of 10 square meters.

Giulio - Giacobbe – Umberto Rooms 6 x 5,5 meters - 33 sq. m each

In memory of the three men who came down from Trento, loaded with lumber to be stored in the barn, married to the Santuliana sisters, the 33-sq. m Giulio, Giacobbe and Umberto rooms are part of the former carpentry warehouse that now houses the Hotel Congress Center of Hotel San Marco.

Whether it's a flash meeting or a brainstorming, the rooms make space for your needs. For a maximum capacity of 12/15 people, in each of them you will find a Philips 43" Smart TV with 4K resolution with the possibility to connect to the internet browser, YouTube and Netflix, Wi-Fi and wired internet connection, natural lighting with pool and garden views and private bathroom.