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Our team

You can make room for imagination in the most beautiful place in the world, but to make it real you need people.


Sometimes people call me a "brasa querta" (an ember under the ashes), but actually I believe that I'm a very professional and precise person. I like this work always projected to the future, even if you can always meet again frequent guest with their own personal story. Outside the hotel I enjoy the love of my family, friends and the food and, why not?, also a nice glass of fine wine in company!


Since I've been working here for 15 years, you can say that I saw the hotel grow though the years. I am a very precise person and with my happy state of mind can always create special relationships with our costumers. I cultivate many interests and, after my passion as dancer, I am now discovering the world of photography.


My minute appearance hide a passionate soul and a very active person. I love the challenges of this job, with a particular interest in the Meetings&Events area. In the free time I like to create tasty vegan recipes and walk with my Siberian husky Alaska.


Energetic and always cheerful, I love people and I always work hard in order to create a friendly environment, where every costumer is a guest, cuddled and recommended at best. When I am at home, I love staying alone in my library, with a cup of the and my beloved easel.


My origins are from Trento, I have arrived in Verona after travelling for work for a few years. I am a very smiling and happy person, I love to stay with people and I like chatting. My passion is foreign languages, the food and travelling.


Sometimes people mistake me for the owner, I distinguish my self for my sovoir-faire and the austere but sweet appearance. In my free time I dedicate myself to my family and I love riding my bike.


"Live and let live". After I graduated in IT, I decided to change my life. I like to work during the peaceful night shifts. I love good beer and at the Hotel San Marco I found love.


For eight years in our team, Paul is the real "Boss" of the house-keeping department: he takes care of all the maintenance of our large House. Although his family lives far away from him, he enjoy life with his new and old friend.


Proud of his Nigerian origin, Viola works for us as keeper, but his dream is to become a great star chef.








Breakfast manager