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Our story

Welcome to Hotel San Marco

East from Lake Garda and south from Lessini mountains , within the walls of the city and the shores of river Adige, the Villas were built with the style of the time, the Liberty, in order to host the military officers of Regie Poste of the newborn Kingdom of Italy. Until the fifties of last century, it was possible to visit six of them in the surroundings of our neighborhood.

In those same years the grandfather Ghelli Santuliana bought “Villa Alice” to make his principal mansion and to host part of his richness, coming from the mountains: wood and coal. Aware of the precariousness of a resource like that , the grandfather had a “barchessa” built next to the villa, in which it was possible to store wood and, afterwards, kerosene.

But soon, because of the strong excises imposed on the hydrocarbons by the Italian country, he was forced to give up also this last project: and that is how the idea of building Hotel San Marco was born. But this is another story. Follow us on our social networks to find out all the events of family Ghelli Santuliana.

Time is evolution, continuous change.

Hotel San Marco: since 1987 at the service of its customers

This is why Hotel San Marco, since 1987, has decided to invest its time in the care of customer services. In the large courtyard around the Liberty style Villa Santuliana, we have the first part of the structure, fully managed by the Ghelli Santuliana family: the 36 original rooms, with adjoining breakfast room, an indoor pool, a sauna and a small fitness area, already making a primacy over the rest of the city.

Two years later, the historic "Marietta" conference room is added: 63 square meters equipped with all the comforts necessary for a perfect meeting in the City of Love.

In 1990 a new floor structure was followed by the addition of 12 rooms and in 1993 another 14 rooms. This novelty, together with the new windowed breakfast room (1994), marks further steps in the restructuring and maintenance of the structure.

Hotel San Marco in the new millennium

With the new millennium, Hotel San Marco decides to change face, implementing those that were his strengths so far: 2005 is a very busy year.

A complete extension of the structure is realized, with the addition of 50 deluxe type rooms, a restaurant and a new breakfast room, both with movable walls for the most numerous dinners, an underground garage developed on three floors and a new conference center: Sala Santuliana joins the Sala Marietta, adding approximately 330 square meters for conferences up to 400 people. The peculiarity of the conference area is its realization without structural constraints: the congress center, through a system with movable walls without columns, allows the division up to a maximum of 6 rooms of 30 people each.

After 2 years, Hotel San Marco plunges again into the fervent waters of renewal: in 2007 the indoor pool is considerably expanded. It is then designed and built a 1000 square meters wellness center that includes a fitness area with modern equipment, a Wellness area with swimming pool, Jacuzzi for up to 8 people, 2 relaxation rooms with soft light, a tea room, Kneipp path , tropical spiral shower, cold nebulizing shower and, last but not least, Turkish bath, Roman bath and sauna.

Our hotel today

We find ourselves, now, a few steps from the second decade of the 2000s and Hotel San Marco changes again look and renews again. A radical transformation that sees the renovation of the 36 original standard rooms and moves the main entrance from Via Longhena (now service entrance) to Via San Marco. From here you can see the garden on which stands "Villa Alice", the Liberty style villa that houses in the old living room our exclusive Liber-Tea Room, theater of music concerts and an ideal place to drink an aperitif or a hot tea: in this place, from where it all started, we start again.

The Ghelli Santuliana family is waiting for you. Become part of our history!