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Imaginary and Fiction

26/02/2019 - 28/08/2019
For the First Edition of "San Marco Great Exhibition":

IMAGINARY and FICTION From 26 February to 28 August 2019 Imagining, imaginary, image, figure, pretend, fiction. All words derived from the same etymological root, which contains in itself the sense of "giving shape" and "shaping". Five young people, coming from different realities, united by discovering the power of eternity in the most various artistic declinations, but at the same time the fixity of the works. In a temporal continuum, images give the mind the possibility to invent what they were and what they will become. --- For the First Edition of "San Marco Great Exhibition" in collaboration with BonazziWine.it we are pleased to host the works of five young emerging artists on our walls: Chiara Berzacola Massimo Dalle Pezze Veronica Darra Virgilio Lorenzo Salvucci Mirko Tarantino --- Special thanks to Marina D'Aniello Graphic realization of the poster: Mirko Tarantino Wine tasting by: Sofia Bonazzi